Scott Rousseau


Designer  x  Producer  x  Explorer

Cairn Basin // Mt. Hood National Forest

Cairn Basin // Mt. Hood National Forest

My love for Creativity, Adventure and the Outdoors has prospered since my early childhood growing up in the Pacific Northwest.

My creative approach - 'adventure is the best way to learn' - challenges me to find points of EXCITEMENT in every problem. For me, this sense of adventure inspires passion for my work.

I grew up in Portland, Oregon and graduated from the University of Oregon where I majored in Advertising from the School of Journalism and minored in Graphic Design and Business Administration. DUE TO MY DIVERSE RANGE OF CREATIVE EXPERTISE, AND KNOWLEDGE ACROSS MANY DISCIPLINES, PEOPLE THINK OF ME AS A SWISS ARMY KNIFE. I'm passionate about strategy & design, and also enjoy managing and producing projects big and small. I thrive in collaborative environments and am thankful for the opportunities I've been given to learn, grow and work with some amazing people along the way.

My balanced weekday in the city usually transitions to an adventurous weekend outdoors. I hike, camp, fish and hunt. I even strap a 45lb pack on my back and scramble over miles of trail, just for fun. I cherish my time outdoors, it defines who I am.

Learning to push my limits outdoors, has taught me to push my limits in my career. I embrace and look forward to new challenges, new ideas, new projects and new friends. So please, do not hesitate to connect. I look forward to hearing from you.

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